Thursday, 1 May 2014

Almost there!

Instead of celebrating the May Day like all the Finns do (picnicking and grilling, not to mention drinking:) ), we decided to use the day off to get some boat work done. The decision was not that bad, considering that we have a winter come back today: +2 and rain. We rented a minivan and headed some 140km away from Helsinki to pick up the mattresses and sails from the winter storage location. At our return The Boat was full of stuff all over... 

It was scary how much of everything we had to fit into this limited space, but little by little things found their places and the outcome was very pleasing :) 

My favorite reading corner is fully ready, tomorrow have to remember to get something to read with me. At least some cook book if nothing else :)

Finally the pillows that we bought during the last Boat Exhibition are also in use!

And to crown this really Labor Day in our case, my hubby got the mast pre-bend and tightened properly the rig. 

Easy dinner was a must today, so Carusel pizza was simply perfect. To my huge surprise not only there was no queue, but we also got the pizza in 10 mins. 

We turned out to have a great May Day, no matter I had to wear the winter coat :) and we are almost there, boom and sails are missing and some dish washing is needed.... and deck should be cleaned, batteries replaced, water tanks rinsed, and......... should I go on? :)

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