Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Suddenly sailing season started!

The spring came quite suddenly and rather early this year, so all the boat preparations were done in a fast mode to start the season ASAP. I must say I have been a lazy bone with all the spring work, as I spent 10 days around Easter in Belarus visiting my family, while my hubby has used all his winter holiday to do all the necessary for the season to start. This is also why I did not make posts about boat readiness so far. I am still the one to take care of the interior, and hopefully will have all in place and ready by the coming weekend. No Vappu sailing for us this year, but this day off is much needed to complete all what is missing. Still several "projects" ongoing, but will try to make separate post on those...

So the "historical moment" was today and our boat has again water under the keel. And as soon as she reached it, I have no doubts she said: "Brrr!!! The water is cold yet!"  :)

So there she was, alone in the sea when we came :) The actual move from dry land to the water happened before we reached the island.

Our "motor boat" was missing the mast ... 

Thanks to the great crew of the yacht club it was installed in no time! 

Today the boat spends her first night this sailing season at her own place. The mast still needs to be adjusted properly, boom and sails are to be put in place, interior is not done at all, but those are minor details. Summer is in the air, no matter it got a bit chillier today.

 Have a good night, boat, see you tomorrow :) 

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