Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sail and learn

It might be a nice thing to be irreplaceable in some situations - like in private life :) - but at boat it is sort of a risk. I heard and read many times, that all the crew members should be equally good at different must-do duties at boat. Though currently it is not our case. 

So far on board of our boat the duties were sort of split between the 2 of us: for example, normally my hubby would drive the boat to the pier, while it would be me who would take care of attaching the ropes. In an extreme situation it is a must for both to be able of doing any of the tasks, and if attaching the ropes is not an issue for my better half, driving the boat to the pier is a big deal for me!

This summer we decided to change this and started practicing immediately. So during this weekend not only we had a great sailing, as you can see in the pictures below, but also switched the roles. As a result, I did 2 fairly good "parkings" in 2 different places. Needless to say that the ropes attaching went fine :)

The wind direction took us to our yacht club island, which is located close to Bodö. There is a great sauna with awesome views to the sunset and stairs to swim in the sea. Yes, I dared to do it in the +10 degrees water! :) and here comes the sunset:


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