Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekend in the home harbour (or "almost there - Part 2")

No matter the weather forecast did not look good, we still had hopes to release the ropes and go with the wind... Well, it did not happen. We were still missing the sails: genua was in place already on Friday night (not without challenges), but to have the main sail up we had to wait until Sunday due to the wind. Overall weather this weekend was totally unstable, many times per day sun would show up, then it would get windy, cloudy, it would start raining and even snowing and showering hail.

Having avoided the cold and the snow out in the sea was a very comforting thought :) Besides we still had several "projects" ongoing: I took care of the inside, while my hubby tried to do some techy fixing. One easy thing turned out to be a weekend long project: changing the batteries (separate post will follow). That's how it often goes with any "small" jobs: you believe it will take you 1 hour, but later you realize you are missing some tools and shops are closed or no more ferries scheduled (boat is located on an island).... 

Since we were not in a hurry, we went "exploring" our home harbor island and found out that some 20 swans are staying on the shore for already a couple of days. Would be so awesome if they decided to make nests here!

Coming back to work, we finally got the main sail up too :) 

And as soon as it happened the flag found its place :)

Independent of weather, sunset time is always awesome at the sea, both evenings were beautiful and enjoyable. Obviously we could not enjoy being outdoors, the temperatures were around 0 and we had the heater on for the whole weekend non-stop. 

Still views were stunning:

Now (again!) I believe we are almost there! :) Hoping for a better weather during next weekend and looking forward to have the first sailing this season! 

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