Monday, 12 May 2014

Gone with the wind

The weather forecast was not very promissing for the last weekend, and indeed it has been raining for the whole Friday evening. My hubby was still recovering from the flu, so we stayed home, reading and watching TV. Saturday morning was also not really great, clowdy and very cold, but I had to go to the boat to do the regular yearly fire extinguishers check. After the lunch the rest of the crew joined me and at 15:00 the ropes were released :)

Destination choice was based on the wind direction: Lähteelä this time!

Practical info about Lähteelä:

2 piers, shore power,  outhouse (outdoor toilet with no water closet system), can host up to 50 boats, 2 grilling places, small kiosk, sauna, rowing boats for rent, tent places for rent.

We were lucky to sail for the most part of the trip with the side/headwind, but I must admit I was freezing... 4 layers of clothes (+ scarf, hat, thick woolen socks and gloves) were not enough. There you know that the sea water is really ice-cold yet...

In those moments when the sun tried to shine, the scenery was magic: light fog, grey sky and shiny sparks on the water...

@ Lähteelä there were some 10-ish boats, so it was not crowded at all. Apart from openeng the sailing season, it was a must to open the grilling season too, the harbour is well equipped for it :)  

After a rainy night we were lucky to have some sun on the way back, enjoying the tailwind and sailing for almost the whole distance. At certain point, sitting on the deck, eyes closed, I felt so pieceful and relaxed and priviledged at the same time, as I could enjoy, here and now, the warm rays of the sun, the soothing noice of the splashing water, light rocking of the boat on the waves and yelling of the seagulls... The feeling was awesome, boundering between the dream and reality...  

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