Sunday, 11 May 2014

New AGM Batteries

Finally they are replaced! We had issues with the old batteries last summer, as their charge did not last even 24 hours. And  we have basic electricity needs: compressor fridge, heater, pressure water, lights. Now we decided to opt for what was best in the battery market for boats: AGM ones. 
Thanks to the special technologies with which they are produced, there is no risk of damaging them by having them heavily discharged, or spilling them. To know more of all the advantages you can check this webpage.

It was not so easy to find this couple, as the space where they fit in our boat is rather limited and they had to be the same size as the old ones. We found what we needed  at Monitec, good product and good service.

Now they are installed and running :) 


  1. Hi nice to see that you bought the correct type of battery, many boat owners buy leisure batteries and not an AGM battery?nice one!!
    eric roberts

    1. They are indeed great! Now after 2 weekends of testing, I can confirm that we are immensely enjoying the quality of this product. We forgot what empty batteries are :)