Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Asparagus with chicken and avocado-spread cheese paté

Here it finally comes, the first post on cooking :) Somehow at boat I am inspired to make slightly better food than what we normally have at home. In addition last Saturday we had a good reason to have something nice: boat was in the sea + my hubby had his birthday.

So the menu was: 
  • Bacon-wrapped asparagus
  • Curry chicken
  • Avocado&spread cheese paté
In the glass:
  • Val d'Oca Millesimato Prosecco Extra Dry
  • Rawson's Retreat, Shiraz - Sauvignon

Inspiration for asparagus came from Kipparin morsian post, and was slighlty modified and adopted to available ingredients. I can share the recipie by reqest in comments.

A glass of sparking wine was a propoer aperetif :)

And later in the evening some dessert: prosciutto crudo, pecorino romano and parmiggiano reggiano with a glass of red wine.

Life is good, no matter nice cheese board is still at home ;)

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