Thursday, 8 May 2014

And again asparagus :)

Asparagus season is so short, that it is a must to invent different ways to prepare it. So this time I opted for the pie. The choice was also based on the idea that it would be easy to take with us to the boat tomorrow (if ever we happen to go there, since my hubby is down with the flu).

As to the ingredients of the filling, it could basically be almost anything: cheese, mushrooms, bacon, ham, salmon.. or whatever you can invent. This time I had in the fridge some feta cheese, which was a good match to rather tasteless asparagus. 

So you would need:

500 g of frozen ready-made puff pastry
500 g of asparagus 
6 eggs
200 ml of cream 
1 pack of feta cheese 
any other ingredients of your choice  

It is also rather easy to make:

1. Peal and boil for some minutes asparagus.
2. Chop all the other ingredients
3. Mix well eggs and cream (add salt/pepper according to taste)
4. Put the pastry in the baking shape
5. Put the filling in and pour egg&cream for last.

It took some 45 min at 200 C oven and some 20 minutes to let it cool.

Voilá! :)

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