Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Summer night in the home harbour - night shift

Last night it was our turn to have the night shift in the yacht club. In practice this means a lot of walking around the island and very little sleep, the idea is to make sure there are no issues at boats or no strangers on the island. Luckily there are enough club members to keep this shifts down to one per year. In worst cases it could be a dark autumn stormy night, when you have to tighten the ropes in many boats, get wet in the rain and cold in the wind.... But we were lucky to have a wonderful warm and light summer night. My inner "guardian" and "photographer" had a fight, I could not walk around without the camera! :D

At night the home harbour island seems to be a different place. Normally this terrace is full of life: lots of people, even more seagulls and other birds, many boats in the sea right in front of it...

This sailing  boat has been in the yard for ever, I think I have never seen it moving anywhere from this spot, actually I hardly ever noticed it. The magic light of the night did its job: this abandoned boat suddenly turned into the main actress on the stage.

Eira by night was also spectacular, normally crowded café Carusel was very quiet, empty quay had its own charm in the soft lights... somehow I could not have enough of these views.  

It was a pleasure to walk around the island and make sure the boats are sleeping tight :) And by the way, the picture below is the only one that was modified, I had to make it a bit lighter, otherwise you could not distinguish the boats. All the other ones are just as they were shot.   

Between 4 and 5 am the sun was rising. The night shift was coming to an end. Lacking many hours of sleep we had to head to work, but it did not feel bad at all. Normally I would not go walking around the island at those hours, which means I would have never seen the transformation. Hope you also enjoyed the little bits and pieces of it that I could capture :)

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