Sunday, 12 April 2015

Wind of change

Lately all the thoughts about sailing and sea adventures have been replaced by the needs of flat renovation :) So here comes an "interior design" post.

About one year ago when we moved in this apartment almost nothing was actually renewed. Entrance was the only room, where the wallpapers were refreshed and the new furniture was bought. Since the very moment of purchasing this place we discussed building back the third room, that was removed by the previous owner.
So the layout was such, that we had a proper bedroom + big and spaceful other room, that combined open kitchen, living room and dining room.

It took quite some time to figure out where do we want the third room to be, as rebuilding it on the old place was not an option. After the decision was made, we started selecting the building company.
And after a couple of appointments our project went to Puuppolan Talkkari who did a good job! 

So now the walls are there and to have them in place took about 5 days. And at least half a day was spent on figuring out electrical wiring we had in place here.

Mustsay that we are very happy with the result! The biggest fear was to loose the sense of big open space that we used to have. And actually with tht new room the space still remains big enough, but the use of it is much more practical. Living room is clearly difined as well as the dining area. The new room though is rather small :)

With the new walls it was obvious that all the ex-living room spaces needed to be painted. It turned out to  be a tough task to pick the rights color of the paint for the walls... and despite the fact, that I always knew, that on the sample it always looks "milder" than in real life, what did I do???? I picked up a shade of yellow that was brighter than orange :D And a shade of white which is slightly yellow/beige... :D As a result we have about 10 litres of extra paint for internal walls :D Anyone interested?

My only "concern" is not the funriture for the new room, it should have a couple of purposes and has to be well thought :)

Andof course now with the new walls and all I would be happy to replace all the furniture we have, as it was sort of put together "by chance", when we still rented a tiny appartment and had no clue what kind of spaces we will have and what will suit where... 

...well, one thing at a time...:) and meanwhileflat is still kind of mess, as skirting boards are missing, window frames need painting,curtains, pictures, furniture... 

But summer is getting closer :) And the "main summer project" (read boat) is also ongoing :) 


  1. Teillä on sitten monta projektejä meneillään.

    1. Kyllä Rina, näin on! Töitä riitta, olisipa lisää aikaa :)