Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Joyful Christmas to you all! :)

After rather hectic days of preparation, today is finally a very relaxed and peaceful day of Christmas eve. We are spending it in a very tight family circle. The weather is perfect, there is lot of new fresh white snow... Lots of lights, lots of candles, lots of gifts and... lots of food :D

I wish you all to spend this day with some of the Finnish meaning of it: enjoying the company of your family, apreciating the peace and quiet and recharging the batteries.

Peaceful Christmas to all of you! (as the Finns would say, Hyvää Joulua! :) ) 

PS: And while you are checking the atmosphere of our Christmas from the pictures below, I will rush to join the family at dinner table, enjoy the traditional food and open the gifts :)




  1. Saunds and looks good. Following you :-).
    Creetings from: Purjeen Viemää,

  2. Kiitos :) Following you too ;)

    I know its been a while since I posted last, will be back soon ;)