Friday, 17 April 2015

Summer's discovery - Brännskär

During the stay in Helsingholmen we got to talk to a lovely couple with two kids and they mentioned that the day after they were heading to one relatively new harbor, that they visited during the previous summer. After listening how satisfied they were there during the last stay, we decided to have a look at the new harbor too. So the destination was set to Brännskär. And since it is not far from Helsingholmen we could enjoy a longer morning and not be in a rush to get a place in the harbor. And once more we were happy we are not in a hurry and can spend one more day in a place that is rather close by.

Biggest surprise of all is not only the great condition of the island facilities (did not try sauna though, something "new" to check there this summer!), but the tenant of the harbor. This new place is maintained by a young guy, who loves wood in every meaning of this word: in terms of environment, working material, design, etc :) . And you can definitely feel it on the island.

Piers are new and in good condition. There were some issues with some of the places regarding the ropes attachment loops, but design mistakes have been fixed by the starting season according to Lennart, who we saw at the boat exhibition. 
We were not disturbed by the fact that the harbours is located almost on the boat route, as most of the skippers were wise enough to slow down beforehand. I would definitely recommend this place and I am sure we will be back as soon as we are heading in that direction! :)

 Very cozy harbor office is more like an authentic archipelago shop or cafeteria. They sell some stuff of primary needs there. And of course, as you can guess, the interior is all designed in wood and made by Lennart.


The smell of freshly baked buns and cakes was so irresistible, that we stayed to enjoy a cup of tea. I also loved the idea of theirs about marking that the boat has paid for the stay with the wooden "souvenir" :) We still have it at boat :)

There are several areas outside where you can enjoy a meal. For example these wooden stairs lead to a great view spot. The weather (again!) was not perfect... but luckily it was the last cloudy/rainy day during our holiday :) 

After a snack on this open terrace with awesome views on the archipelago we headed for a walk around the island. We met there many new "friends" like the one on the picture below :) They are not wild at all and come quite close to people :)
On the side opposite to the pier there was a nice beach.

In the opposite direction from the harbor office there is a high hill. We climbed on it later in the evening to enjoy some peaceful time with great views on the harbor, other islands, sea. With a glass of wine and little snacks we enjoyed the views for quite some time :) 

PS: for those who cannot imagine their life without technology and still don't have a TV at boat, there was a separate building meant both for dining (in case of bad weather) or just spending time. Among other stuff there was a big TV, where we watched the one of the few games of the football world championship :D


  1. Hi, I found your blog today and fell in love immediately! We have also visited in Brännskäs two years ago and I think this hrbour is wonderful. Here is my post from same place:

    Have a very nice weekend =)

    1. Thank you Katinka, welcome to my blog :) Wishing you also a good weekend!

  2. Schöne Bilder vom Urlaub.


    1. Thank you Noke :) Sorry, cant answer in German... yet ;)