Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Cherishing last summer memories - Helsingholmen

After a couple of sunny and relatively warm days sailing fever is back :) But I still hope to realize my plan and post about all the harbors we visited during the last summer. So the next place after Högsåra was Helsingholmen. This has been THE destination for a couple of years and always when sailing in this direction it was a must-see place.

It is actually very popular during the high season and not always there is a chance to get a place there. This time though at our arrival we had a wide choice of parking spots and got our favorite place :) Unfortunately the weather was still not so perfect and it was not really very warm...

My favorite spot of the island is the rocky shore on its north-western side. It is a great place for grilling or just warming up on the heated by the sun rocks and look at the horizon :) The water there is also particularly pure and transparent.
For families with kids the island is a "treasure". The harbor keepers have a horse, rabbits, hens, cats and dogs of course, so kids can be busy with all those creatures and have fun on their own. And the animals don't seem to mind it. this lucky cat got all the fishes that children were able to catch :)

Always positive thing is freshly smocked fish in this place. This time we enjoyed whitefish with new potatoes and white wine. And of course outdoors it tastes twice as good! :)

For all the times we have been in this place not a single time we were able to book a sauna here! So this time, that the harbor was not full on our arrival, we decided that it is high time to try it out. I have heard soooo much about the sauna and the views, that I had sky-high expectations. I must admit it was good, but maybe due to too high expectations I was not so impressed. And I almost like our yachclub island sauna more :P It is also heated with wood, has awesome views to the sunset and has a great swimming place close to the rocks :)

In the morning we had the awesome service of getting fresh warm rolls waiting for us in the harbor office. You have to order them the day before, mentioning the boat name and the amount of rolls you wish. These little things in the middle of nowhere are priceless :)

After the breakfast it was a new day, with decent winds, so off we went... :)

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