Friday, 8 May 2015

Next stop - Nauvo

Brännskär was a great place to be, but more places were to be seen. Especially with the weather getting better and warmer we could not wait to lift up the sails and enjoy the summer. Next 2 days we spent in a great company of friends and relatives on a private island, from where we headed to Nauvo.

It was kind of a funny thing, but no matter it was my 5th summer of sailing in the archipelago, I have never been to Nauvo. Normally we are "in a hurry" to reach Mariehamn and then Sweden, but this time we decided we stay on the Finnish side and have a better look on the places that normally are off our route. So Nauvo it was!

It was a perfect day for using spinnaker.
And I cannot miss one detail about our spinnaker: it is actually this summer.... (tadaaaaaaaaaaa!!!)... 45 years old :D This funny "Marlboro" sail has travelled all the way from USA to end up on our Elan 33 in Finland :) We got it together with the boat, so no idea how long has it been in use here, actually.
Easy sailing it was, in a nice sunny weather, with the spinnaker up and quite little sails trimming. 

Nauvo's harbor was quite full, but we were lucky to get a good place as one boat was leaving right on our arrival. It was a great summer day and this place
was just the right place to be. After a couple of days on a private island and before that 2 days in Brännskär and Helsingholmen, our grocery storage and fridge were getting quite empty. Nauvo was good for all kinds of refills, Alko store including ;) And here too they had good freshly smoked fish of different types on sale in the morning. And closer to the grocery stores you could find little market, with locals selling mushrooms, berries, some veggies, etc.

Little shops on the shore look so tempting, with all their assortment related to boating equipment and gear!.. Must say that prices were not as nice and appealing as the place and the weather, so no budget damage was done :D

After all the must-do things (harbour fee payment, shopping, lunch..) we headed to the town. In summer it is like mini-Hanko :) Lots of cozy cafeterias and restaurants, but also historical heritage (the old church) and great natural sights, like the small hidden beach towards the right from the harbour. 

Later in the evening we decided we would dine out. In the archipelago you don't do it that often, so normally whenever there is this option, we go for it :) And our choice this time fell on the pizza place Najaden.

Pizzeria is built on a vessel, so it had unusual interior and reminded a bit those  "sights and dining" trips that you can enjoy in Helsinki :) The pizza tested fairly good, it was not the best pizza ever, but good enough after one more day at sea. Later in the evening this place becomes the center of the Nauvo's night life, with live music, dance floor and lot of people.
It was that time of the year when it is not really dark at night :) These last 3 shots were taken after midnight. 
Love summers in the Archipelago! <3

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