Sunday, 2 March 2014

Tips for boat stuff shopping

Now that the season is approaching, many boat owners have the same problem: buying the needed accessories or spares for their boats. Most likely we will use again already familiar to us SVB service. After visiting their webpage we found many things we did not know we needed :)
This will not be the first order, 2 years ago among other boat parts we ordered there Henri Lloyd sailing gear for both of us and have been very happy with the price and quality. In any Finnish shop the price is normally about double.

 Delivery from Germany is not a problem at all, they have a fixed fee for delivery within EU at a very moderate price!  And you will have the goods delivered to your door by the courier. Overall a positive experience.

One more place to be considered for boat parts online shopping, particularly for mast and rigging, is Benn's. Same feedback as for SVB: good prices, easy delivery, good quality. Some time ago we ordered there several parts, not lately though. But currently one item is on the wish list: a rope clutch

For shopping in Helsinki we have also used Veneilijän VerkkokauppaMarineaJohn Nurminen Marine and Maritim. For the best price it is always worth it to check the needed item in different places and find the best offer.

For "all-in-1" shopping a popular place is yearly Venemessut (Boat Exhibition) and Uiva. They offer a good chance to check the products hands-on and often have quite good bargains.

Pictures taken from the respective web-pages.

Your good tips for boat stuff shopping are more than welcome in comments :) 

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