Sunday, 9 March 2014

Coats and Shoes - entrance furniture

When we moved to the new flat the only "major" fixing we did was changing the wallpapers in the entrance. And of course, they could picture nothing else but little blue sailing boats :) Once the wallpapers were in place, big challenge was to find the suitable entrance furniture. I was all the time having in mind some sort of entrance bench & coat rack. Probably this was imposed to my imagination by the white wall cabinet, which would serve as a niche for the bench . Furniture color was also predetermined by the white wallpaper background, white wall cabinet and white doors.

We have checked plenty of furniture shops and online pages and were surprised to see, that generally the choice of entrance benches is extremely small... Not to mention that I wanted it white and embracing the general style of the room. At last, the dream bench was found in Riviera Maison online catalogue (Riviera Mason is the shop where I could live, it deserves a separate post! :) ), but the price was totally absurd and out of our budget for this item.

Browsing online one day I bumped into the pages suggested to me by FB. How huge my surprise was to find there THE-bench-and-rack-of-my-dreams for 1/4 of the original price! It lacks the Riviera Maison logo, but otherwise is simply perfect! And honestly, I am not ready to pay 600€ for the logo.
Look at this :) I think the final outcome is awesome. At least I am very happy with this :)

Coats & Shoes: Wihonen online store
Rug: Kodin1
Pictures: me 

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