Saturday, 22 March 2014

Safety first: Life vest!

We have a golden rule on board of our boat: "safety first", all the crew members, including guests, have to wear life vests when the boat is in motion. We have several spare ones of different sizes for the visitors and the ones that we always use ourselves.

 "Modern" life vests are quite small in size and wearing them is quite easy, you often forget at all that you have it on. At the same time they are very efficient,  they will inflate automatically by releasing the gas when submerged, thanks to a small dissolvable stopper.
It is a good practice to check their condition at the beginning of the season. Normally checking the air leakage and changing the gas cartridge if necessary is enough. Though  this spring we realized that we need to get a new one for the captain :) Venemessut was the right place to shop, they had rather wide choice and you could try them on. We ended up purchasing this one:

When choosing it we had several characteristics we kept it mind:

1. The locker should be made of metal. In worst weather conditions you trust your life to this thingy, you don't want it to get broken. Ever. 
2. It should have a metal "loop", where you can attach the safety rope. It should be metal for the same reason as above. 
3. There should be the belt that can be attached from back to front. In worst case scenario it will ensure that the vest stays on and will not slip off in the water. 
4. It should be comfortable to wear.

This one fulfilled our requirements, and as a bonus had a special indicator, that will remind you when the gas cartridge needs to be changed.

Remember to wear your life vests and have a safe sailing season! 

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