Wednesday, 26 February 2014 what are those other joys? and a couple of words on sailing.

Just as the blog title states, my intention is to write about the things that I love doing and that bring joy into my life :) The biggest hobby of mine (and of my husband's too) is sailing. We own  an Elan 33 and spend all the free time in summer boating. By boating I do not necessarily mean being out in the sea under the sails, but also enjoying the long summer evenings in the home harbor, making some good food to be enjoyed on the deck, taking sun when the weather allows it, observing passing by other boats, decorating the boat interior and just having good time.
At present moment there are a couple of months to go before I can enjoy the described above, but if you ask my hubby he will tell you that the season has already started, as we have already attended Boat exhibition :) I have a feeling that you will see more posts related to boat tips in a couple of month time though. Meanwhile I will share some ideas on boating if something comes to my mind, but otherwise will mention those other joys.

And by the way, by no means I consider myself professional in sailing! I learned -or better say still learning!- sailing as an adult, spent now 4 summers boating, so in this blog I am not going to teach anybody on how things should be done, but will share how we do it or even maybe ask for an advise, if among readers there would be some more experienced people. Still some tips mentioned here might be very good for the very beginners.

So now to other joys :)
We recently moved to a new flat, thus currently I am interested a lot in interior design ideas. I always found it fascinating, but only recently got a chance to implement something  in my own space. And together with this chance I also realized how difficult it is sometimes to find the "right" stuff to match other elements and suit the space. You will get to read more about my challenges and success stories in the posts to come, I am sure!

When having a bit more free time - normally not after the working day- I enjoy making some good food. Eating at boat is a separate subject, that also deserves attention. Cooking there is different from many perspectives: not very big fridge space, little kitchen, limited ingredients availability, etc. I will try to share here some recipes we liked.

One more thing I enjoy is taking pictures. I will try to accompany my posts with own shots, though in this area I am rather rookie and just started learning how this game of light and shadow works. Picture in this post is mine :)



  1. Very Nice idea to start a blog, Anna! great first post! Well done and looking forward to more! ;)
    PS>I should maybe also start smth like that but for skiing!

    1. Thank you, Anna! :)
      You definitely should tell us more about skiing. Would be nice to see your "reviews" of the different resorts you are visiting in Alps! And I am very pleased to hear you liked my blog :)