Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Ready for the summer!

Surprise-surprise I am already looking for the summer to come :) 
Not only preparing the boat - winter cover is already removed- but also preparing myself: 

Here they are: the new weekend bag and sailing shoes. I was bored to carry around my orange backpack, which did not really match the whole marine style :) This new bag is just perfect size for the weekend trips, not to mention my favorite stripes and colors!  


 I don't know yet if this concrete pair can be called "sailing shoes" though, their technical qualities probably are not the best, but they look great and have a rubber sole. However the grip on the deck remains to be seen.
Anyway, I am good to go! :)

Bag: KappAhl, Hampton Republic 27
Shoes: Mexx 

Sunday felt really like "summer-is-coming" for the first time this year! We took the usual bus that we normally took in summer to go to the home harbor, the sea was completely free of ice, sun was shining bright and it felt warm...

... and even my favorite ice-cream kiosk in the city was already open! It was a must to have the first of the season ice-cream to go! :) 

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