Wednesday, 3 June 2015


After a great stop in Nauvo and refill of all the needed stuff, we decided to go and see some other places we have never been to. So the next destination was Iniö, where we chose to stop at the Triton Marin harbor. Wind was favorable, though rather weak, the weather was really mystical, sunny and foggy at the same time, sea looked surrealistically sparkling and sailing was easy and enjoyable.

Once we reached the place it was great to see that the harbor was taken good care of and was recently renovated: completely new shower/sauna buildings right on the shore close to the pier were in perfect condition and well equipped. Right behind these new buildings was a good grilling area and mini-golf. Little cafeteria also looked quite nice, but after enjoying all the "luxury of civilization" in Nauvo we skipped it and resisted the tempting scent of warm buns :) There is also a grocery shop close to the harbor.

We went exploring the place with the idea to check also the other harbor, Bruddalsviken, that was a couple of kilometers away from the place where we stopped. 

Like all the inhabited centers of the archipelago Iniö also has a church. I like visiting these little chirches middle of nowhere to realize again, how much people, who live so remotely from big cities and so deep in the archipelago, are connected to the sea. In all of these churches you can find the ships hanging from the ceiling, as well as other marine attributes, like here for example the two fishes at the altar.

My favorite of the archipelago churches though is in Jurmo. I was deeply impressed by the cemetery in its yard. Have to write a separate post about it once we visit it again.  The sea for these people is the main source of life and income, but also the biggest danger, that takes lives of people of any age...

On the way apart from the nature we could admire these old abandoned beauties. Yeah, no make-up could restore them anymore... It was curious though to see so many of them were concentrated on one island. I would rather like to think that they all belonged to the same owner, rather then considering it a local habit ;) 

This place turned out to be popular not only among the boating people, but also those exploring the archipelago by bicycles or bikes. It was joy to see that this B&B had many visitors on that day.

Finally we reached the Bruddalsviken pier and we were actually very happy with our harbor choice. The facilities looked rather old, and by the number of boats spending a night here you could definitely say it is much less popular than the other place. But in any case it is good to know it exists, just in case the Iniö pier would have no more places left :)

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