Thursday, 6 August 2015


After a couple of month of break, back to blog :) It's been a while since the last post... and still this one, as well as couple of the posts to come, are from the summer 2014. 

The next stop for us was Lappo's harbor. The weather was perfect, we sailed for the most part of the trip. And when approaching the pier wind was important to consider, since inner side of the harbour is well covered and protected from the waves, but the outer side is open to the wind from certain directions and thus is open to the waves as well. We were lucky to arrive early enough and to ensure 
ourselves a place on the inner side :) 

On arrival we went exploring the place. Apart from the harbor facilities, it offers services of a grocery store and a restaurant. Of course, whenever possible, we were happy to have a dinner out and reserved a table for the evening. Though, I must say, the food did not impress us at all, maybe our expectation were a bit too high ;)

The facilities building is not very new, it is in ok condition, but I must say that I found the women's shower rather small and with bad ventilation, there was steam all over the place and it was almost impossible to get yourself dry and get dressed. Though the sign in the WC made me smile, there is a picture of it below :)

Anyway, after the meal and when the heat decreased (what a luxury was the weather last summer! :D), we headed for an evening walk. On the way we saw a soccer field, where village kids of all ages were plaing together in the sunset light. It was a heartwarming view and a pleasure to see how much fun they had despite the age or sex difference. 

By the end of the day the harbor was full. We had a relaxing rest of the evening on the deck, enjoying the warm evening with a glass of sparkling and some snacks. Tomorrow is a new day and a there will be a new place to explore.

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