Sunday, 21 December 2014

Högsåra - no Christmas posts... yet :)

All the blogs that I am currently following are full of great xmas pictures: gift finding and packing, xmas tree decorating, enjoying glögi and other xmas delies, waiting for snow and listening to the xmas songs. Not in my blog.. yet :D We also have xmas tree already, gifts are almost there, many pre-xmas parties already enjoyed, but still in this spare moment that I got now I decided to dig through the summer pictures and continue the holiday" journey". 
Lately I have been quite silent here, due to all the pre-xmas events at work and in private life. Yesterday for a change we spent an evening in a great company of sailing friends. And that is where the inspiration came for today's post :) 

...So Hanko it was. And from there on a great sunny day we headed to Högsåra. (now in winter it seems almost surreal that this pictures are true :) )  

There was just enough wind to sail and we were not the only boat heading in that direction :) 
For me it was the first time in this island, somehow we always chose other destinations and never stopped there. I was looking forward to one more new place. 

Due to the wind forecast out of the two island harbours (Kejsarhamnen and Lillbacka Brygga) we chose the better protected one and ended up in Kejsarhamnen.  We easily found a place in the harbour and went to explore the place. There is a little shop, where you can find all the first need goods, there is a grilling place with some tables and benches, there is a sauna and a little sand beach (only now I realised to have no pics of those..). 

The place was famouse for the fisher-woman, Kejsar Fina,who became personal friend with the Russian tsar family, that returned to the island for 16 times.

But there is one more thing this island is famous for: Farmor's café :) I have heard some much of this place offering as big cake portions as you are able to eat, that we could not skip it :D

Tea refill is also free by the way :) 

And finally there they were... waiting for me :D Carrot cake, berries cake, mud cake, cheesecake.... and it was real, you can take as much as you want for the price of 1 portion :)

Apart from the food (there is also a restaurant), the place is so cute, that I did not know where to look and what to picture :)

Plenty of different dining areas, terraces, toys and games for kids, domestic animals it is like a little summer paradise. I only have a couple of pictures from the outside, as the weather was not so good and it was raining. 

 After eating the enourmos cake portions, we agreed that a walk would definitely be needed! So we headed to check the other harbour, Lillbacka Brygga. 

It seemed to have all the needed facilities there, including little luxurious service: warm filled pancakes and other saulty snacks. Again as a foreigner I am impressed by the level of trust: the food is there open and available and a little cash is close to it, so that everyone pays for what they take. :) 

Next time we decided we would stop in this harbour, it looked nicer and probably had a bit better services. 

Overall Högsåra became one of the favorite places :)


  1. Högsora is one of my fafourite too! We have visiting there whit our boat and also by car. Our freind have a place there. Wonderful pictures here!

    1. Kiitos Katinka :) The place is really great! Next time have to try the other harbour ;)