Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Searching for a change - Porkala Marin

One of the weekends this June (6-8.6) winds took us to Porkala Marin harbour. We haven't visited it for a couple of years, Lähteelä is really near by and somehow we prefer that place. To go somewhere new we decided to try this out.

Practical info about Porkala Marin:
30 guest places, shore power, showers, sauna, WC, trash container, shop, restaurant (when open), fuel refil, septic tank pump
It was not so obvious what places are actually guest places, some of them were on the guest place side, but had notes "reserved". We just took any place and decided that would ask in the shop when paying the harbour fee. The price per night was surprisingly high, 24 euros. And of course we took the wong place, so had to move the boat. It turned out that you can book a place in this harbour beforehand, and apparently that is what many people do.

We found it rather expensive considering the services it offeres: male toilet was broken, handicap toilet locker was broken too, so to go to the toilet you needed somebody with you to do the guardian. Guest places were not so easy to find, and once found, had to figure our what this "reserved" was. Apart from this little shop and little service building (including sauna) there is nothing special around.    

The positive thing was that there is male/or female sauna included in the price. Another good thing is that you can actually return your cans and bottles to the little shop they have. There is some pizza place, but during our visit it was not open, so cannot say anything about the food there. Ice cream in the terrace was nice :)

On the way the views have been changing many many many times. First it was sunny and bright.

Later it turned into this purplish blue on the one side and nice yellow sun in the clounds on the opposite.

  I love sailing at the end of the day, when the sunset sky changes the whole scenery around continuously. I think I could do the same thing as the Little Prince of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry did on one of the planets: move his chair around the planet to see the sunset as many times a day as he wanted to :) 

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