Monday, 28 July 2014

Slowly returning from holiday

It has been a long while since the last post! While having this tropical weather I am really not willing to spend time with the laptop at home. This is what I have been doing instead :)

While official vacation has been over for two weeks already, I am still gradually returning back to normal routine due to incredibly sunny days, which we are lucky to enjoy in Finland this summer. Going to the boat almost every day after work keeps preserving the taste of all what  was seen and done during the vacation: we finally went to explore some of the northern shore of Estonia (there will be a separate post on the harbours and other observations), had a dipper dive in the Turku Archipelago, re-visited Åland's favourite places...
Time spent with dear friends turned into "pearls to be added to the necklace of memories" (quoting one of them :) )  
And now pulling myself together to go through over 1000 pictures to select the ones worth telling about.  

To be continued in the nearest days, when the weather gets worse and I will dare to face the reality and spend an evening with the laptop :D

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