Thursday, 12 June 2014

New crew member - little doggy on board

New occasional crew member on board is Siiri ♥

She is a little black klein spitz girl, that will be visiting us every now and then. Her first time in the sea went really well, she behaved properly and was very patient... except for when she was left alone inside the boat :) Our sauna time for her was way too long, hopefuly neghbouring boats did not hear the complaints of the most lonely and abandoned dog on the planet! (she was alone for about 1 hour) :)

She was surprisingly comfortable with wearing the life vest and never tried getting rid of it. On the way to the island every now and then she was checking if we are still going in the right direction and would peak outside :)

I was very surprised how "easy" this little girl is! Looking forward to having her on board again.

Is it always like that with the dogs? Do they all love the sea and enjoy sailing?

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