Thursday, 23 October 2014

Dirham - one more Estonian harbour

To be honest, there was one more harbour before we reached Dirham. We stopped for one night in Lohusalu. Great new marina, with all the very modern facilities. Somehow the afternoon and evening were so busy, that I realised only afterwards, that no proper pictures were taken :( well, good reason to go back! :) 

So after one night in Lohusalu, where we had two laundries done, dinner in a restaurant in a great company of relatives and friends, we continued to Dirham. When approaching it, I was not so impressed: big warehouse-like concrete building was right on the shore. But once there, it somehow "disappeared" in the charm of the terrace, sauna, awesome company...
And this is one more harbour, where you have to be careful when approaching, plenty of rocks closer to the shore right next to the route.


At arrival it felt like we are somwhere else than Estonia. And even somewhere else than Baltic sea harbour. It looked some "dream-beach-holiday" place. A little terrace on the shore made me realise:WE ARE ON HOLIDAY. It looked like that. It felt like that. 

Of course we had to have the traditional "mooring" beer and cider :) Again a pleasant surprise in Estonian prices... both drinks in a place like that costed only 3 euros :)

After some time in the terrace we still had shopping to do. In the little village there is a small grocery store that has all the necessary - and not only :) - stuff. It was in our plans to refill the stock of beer, and in this shop we found among other things, for example, such a rare drink as Lidskoe (beer made in Belarus!). Of course my hubby had to buy the whole box, 24 cans :D. 

After shopping we had a lunch outdoors. The weather got better and better, we almost forgot how much cloths we had to have on only a couple of days earlier. The view was good. The company was perfect :)

Later in the evening we had a sauna booked with the same good friends. It was a great time together, thank you M, K and D :) Though we all agreed that sauna could have one little improvement: ventilation! No openable windows.. no chance to get some fresh air.. it was rather hot! Otherwise the facilities are also quite new and in good conditions.

After a great fun in a great company we were heading towards our boat quite late, well after midnight. And since it was only a day or two after the midsummer, we were lucky to see this sunset. Or maybe sunrise? :D

Overall very positive impression about this harbour.

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