Monday, 13 October 2014

Back to summer memories - Naissaar, Estonia

I know it has been a while since the last post... and I must admit it is a pleasure to hear from some of your, dear readers, that you have been missing the posts :) Now I suppose I am back to blog on a more regular basis: evenings and weekends are back to normal, as the boat has already been lifted, so it is not stealing the whole free time anymore. 

My idea was to post about all the harbouts we visited during the summer holiday, but after the first one I disappeared. So now back to the past, remembering the great summer days...
PS: I dont mind this at all on a chilly autumn evening ;)

So where did we stop... in Prangli! :) After that we had a night in Tallinn, and after some shopping we continued to the Naissaar. There was a squadron organized by our yacht club to go and visit this place, but it was later on, when according to our holiday we would be already elsewhere. Thus it was a must-see :)
When entering the harbour, after the Prangli approaching experience, we wanted to be on a safe side: the route was not so clearly marked, but luckily there was another boat in front of us that we could follow. The harbour itself did not impress us much. There were almost no services provided, and the ones that were, had a separate price.  But the place is quite nice, with a tall wavebreaker, that makes it rather protected from the wind and waves.

No matter it is not the best harbour ever, the island has a lot to offer in terms of sightseeing. It has interesting historical places as well as great nature. To move around you can rent little electrical cars, but we did not do that. Instead, we prefered to ride our mini-bikes 


The sights were perfect, lots of green and flowers everywhere, we were lucky to visit the place on a nice sunny day.

What is more, this was also the day of Estonian midsummer, so we happened to see the celebrations on this island. Apparently it is rather popular with the youngsters from Tallinn to come here for camping. There were some camps like the one below :) Must be fun!

From the historical point of view this island is a treasure: it used to be a secret military mine factory, belonging to Soviet Union untill 1991. The "end" came suddenly, judging by the  items found in the military base: there are still calendars on the wall, as they were put, personal items, like shoes... and of course a lot of Soviet Union attributes... 

The whole island is full of memorials of this type. They all are somewhat remote from each other, but easy to find once you start following the railway. That's what we did with the bikes.

Every now and then behind the bush there would be findings like this: 

Platforms filled with mines that were ready to be loaded to the train at any moment. The railways were build particulartly for this purpose. 

Overall the place is full of all sorts of military history. My hubby was in heaven :)The only conclusion we made is that the next time we visit the place, we will have a guide. 

Later at night there was a bonfire.  As mentioned, it was Estonian midsummer, or Jaanipäev. At the harbour there was a band playing and some dozen of people eating, drinking and dancing :) We also tried some shashlik and beer, but did not hang out late, it was still a cold night... and when woke up in the morning, still music was playing from inside the boats :) Apparently the party was a success!

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