Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Prangli - Juhannus with friends

We started the summer holiday on the Midsummer eve and the destination was Estonian island Prangli, where we headed on a rainy evening with a couple of friends. The arrival was quite late at night, so we did not see much of the place. Luckily two more boats from our yacht club were there before us. Big thanks to their crews for helping out with mooring! :) Approaching the harbour in the darkness was a bit exciting, there were only two illuminated leading lines. Also the depth was to keep an eye on: rather close to the coast it is still about 100m, but then suddenly it becomes quite shallow, with lots of underwater and water level rocks. Good advice was to stay away from the coast line as long as you get the leading lines aligned and only then get closer to the island and enter the harbour.  

The day after we went exploring the place and it turned out to be great:  

All the yards in this summer village were particularly accurate and well taken care of. At the same time, many have preserved old traditions and original state of the houses. I was surprised to see that most of the houses have names :) 

The mooring is free of charge, so were not surprised there were not so many services there, for example there is no showers or WC, only outhouse. Though to our surprise, shore power was free as well as WLAN.   

One fisherman was selling fresh fish right in the harbour. We got a nice fresh cod purchased. Luckily one of our friends knew how to clean the fish and helped me out with this :) 

We opted for grilling it, but it was not a big success, as you can see below :) Cod is very moist fish and falls into pieces whenever you try to turn it or otherwise touch it. Maybe (not to say absolutely! :) ) grilling was not the best way to cook it. Obviously for 4 adults that was not enough, but it was fun to buy and prepare it anyway :) 

There is awesome sauna in the island. It is located not really close to the harbour, so the owner offers great service by providing transportation at agreed time with the truck below. That was a fun ride! :)

Sauna price includes grill, woods for it, and transportation. 

No, they did not kill the seal to decorate the wall. It died in the fisherman's nets :( 

Right next to sauna there is a summer cottage for rent, that is fully preserved from the old times :)

Sauna should be booked separately. It was absolutely great! We enjoyed it for 2 hours, grilled some sausages, had transportation included, and price was ridiculously small for the service, it turned out to be only 5€ / person, as there were 9 of us (3 boats crews). Highly recommend this place! 

Apart from the unusual sauna, Prangli was known for the Must Luuk restaurant. Now the owner has closed it and has opened a new one on the sea shore named  RootS. Very nice cozy modern place. No one of us tried food there, we only had some desserts and drinks, so cannot say anything about the menu, but location is very nice. 

Restaurant windows overlook the harbour. Also they are facing west, it was a great place to admire sunsets in a nice company with a good drink :) And the place was rather popular with the locals, there were surprisingly many people late in the evening. 

We were lucky enough to have rather clear sky to enjoy the sunsets :) 
In good company and new great location time was flying, but we had the whole holiday ahead, that seemed to be plenty of time :) 


  1. Ihania kuvia taas kerran ;))

    1. Kiitos Rina! Oli avian ihana paikka ja seura :)